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Taylor Momsen And Chace Crawford Pair Up

Rounding of a day replete with sightings Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen and associated Chace Crawford up on the set of their hit CW show in New York City on Wednesday (January 14). Trying to keep warm in the blistering cold, the fashionable co-stars kept bundled between breaks in action.
20.1.09 14:10

Beyonc Mariah Carey Alicia Keys Shakira And Stevie Wonder To Perform At Inaugural Ball

Performers at the Tuesday night Neighborhood Ball include Beyonc, Jay-Z Mariah Carey, Alicia Key, Shakira Faith Hill and Stevie Wonder., And also districts throughout the country, Obama said in a statement on the show. The inaugural ball, the first event of opening night on Jan 20, was hosted by President-elect Barack Obama. C. Details of tickets for the ball has not been announced, but some tickets should be set aside for local. I wanted to make sure that we had an event that will open our new headquarters here in Washington, D.
20.1.09 14:10

Quot Twilight Quot Star Robert Pattinson Drops Out Of Quot Parts Per Billion Quot

Following the massive surrounding the record box office of Twilight, Robert Pattinson mania has swept through Hollywood and charismatic Brit made one of his younger players demand. Her busy schedule has put on the covers of magazines and he has been touring all over the world and make public appearances of turmoil crowds..
20.1.09 14:09

Playboy Lifestyle

L high profile life Playboy companions is a myth, according to Kendra Wilkinson. L ex-playmate revealed that her life as the girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has been quite boring..
20.1.09 14:09

Christian Bale A Career In Star Ratings

Fancy ready for calculating Christian Bale career? We ve been catching the man back catalog ... With T4 just around the corner, I felt this was an apt moment to review Christian Bales body work.The are some of his son acting-era film that I have not found, but here the courage of this man that been up to ....
20.1.09 14:09

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